Personal Development

  • Goal Setting
  • Priorities
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Concentration
  • Stress
  • Losses
  • Changes
  • Conflicts
  • Sexual Orientation 


Therapeutic Learning

  • Exams
  • Hyper-learning
  • Progress
  • Pressure
  • Understanding
  • Dyslexia
  • Attentional Deficits
  • Problematic Learning
  • Learning Problems
  • Self-esteem
  • Abuses


Top Performance

  • Improving Training
  • Arousal Control
  • Mental Training
  • Concentration
  • Preparation
  • Performance
  • Aggression
  • Personality
  • Goals
  • Addictions

Where can we meet?

Everywhere! - including online sessions via skype etc.

How many meetings do I need?

You don't "need" any meetings. It depends on your goals, on your consistency and your commitment to work (I don't do any work for you, you' ll have to work for yourself!)

What about the cost?

You mean money? The real cost is the change you yourself need to bring to your own life. Are you willing to improve? Like really willing?

Is it effective?

You mean, are you able to change? yes, you are.


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Tennis Distal Method Certification



General info. The Tennis Distal Method Certification Program leads to the acquisition of specialized knowldge regarding the methodology of high performance athlete development. Even though it offers tools for the development of all athletes from day zero, its orientation is clear: the creation of motor experts.

Conditions. For the succesful participation in the program, at least a good grasp of sports science is required (therefore some kind of prior formal education in sports science is expected). Another prerequisite is a basic level of techical form in order to be abe to proficiently demonstrate the technical model. If the latter is not possible, a series of lessons (independent from the certification program) will be required.

Curriculum. The curriculum is really dense and is presented in the textbook that will be offered to the participants. Therefore, many hours of personal study are required as well.

Exams. Succesful participation in the program is proved via a series of exams, both theoretical and practical. Participant's CV, as well as their writen and video records are kept as proof of their ability.

Follow Up. After the sucesful completion of the program, every participant is responsible for their progress. Participants will have the opportunity to update their knowledge both online and in regular post-certification meetings every two years.

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